Building the company in several steps

1992 – Foundation of the company
1994 – Commencement of international transport
1997 – Progressive focus on the countries of the European Union
2002 – Commencement of operation of large-volume trucks
2004 – Beginning with system „Paper Transport“ for lying Paperrolls Transport
2007 – Introduction of „JOLODA ROLLER System “ for standing Paperrolls Transport


10 Singler “S” – basic principles:

The age of SINGLER vehicles is less than 3 years due to the minimum needs of service and removal of stoppage.  SINGLER operates only towing vehicles and articulated lorries, which meet the strictest environmental norms.
Financial stability is an essential condition for success.
All the company employees have long-term experience in international lorry transport.
We are not playing at what we are not…
SINGLER’s strategic development plan defines three basic development elements:

  • Long-term cooperation based on trust and quality services
  • Labour productivity
  • The latest technology
We are currently installing a satellite communication system into all our vehicles, which allows the monitoring of the vehicle’s location within a 10 m radius. The customer therefore has constant information about his consignment.
SINGLER is a fellow, whereon it is possible to depend.
Services that need to be delivered for customers by a fixed deadline are ensured by JIT deliveries.
Seriousness is the road to long-term cooperation.
The awareness of responsibility for the entrusted freight demonstrates the fact that all consignments are insured for at least € 370 000,-.